Basic camping items for your upcoming nature adventure

The freedom and simple beauty is just too good to pass upon,’ a famous quote from the travel literature movie Into the Wild, has summoned all that there is to see in nature.

‘The freedom and simple beauty is just too good to pass upon,’ a famous quote from the travel literature movie Into the Wild, has summoned all that there is to see in nature.

No, you don’t have to quite literally go alone into the unforgiving Alaska but a few nights or maybe just a whole day, where there are no concrete buildings, no constant blaring of horns but just you amidst the natural balance consisting of trees, fresh air, mountains, rivers, lakes and without a doubt many bugs and insects. This is the place where you can unwind from the tangled issues of your daily lives and take in a worry-free breath.

Well, we all know that packing and planning for any activity or occasion can be a hassle; therefore, in this blog, you will find all the camping essentials and the best stores from where you can purchase them at the best prices and stack them right into your rucksack so that nothing of value for your nature expedition is left at home as there is no delivery system available in the forest, right? So what are you waiting for? Sit back and read on because it is going to be a long day ahead for you when you will walk into the lap of nature.

Sleeping bag: -

After a tedious walk, you have finally found the perfect camping spot, and you want to make sure that your body temperature stays warm so that you feel comfy and cozy as there are no heaters to keep you warm when the night temperature sets in.

A few points to keep in mind while looking for your ideal sleeping bag is: -

Temperature ratings, fit, ideal bag weight, shape (mummy shaped to keep you much warmer or rectangular if you need more space), and the stuffing (down-fill is warmer whereas synthetic fill, even though wet, will keep your body warm and insulated).

You can visit stores, namely BassPro, Dunham Sports, and Dick’s Sporting Goods, to get the best quality sleeping bags at the lowest prices ever.

  • Tents: -

Unlike people who glamp in wooden cabins or RV’s, the authentic feel of the great outdoors has always been in pitching a tent and resting on the surface on earth where your soul and the surroundings become one. If you are looking for a tent, keep in mind that the size (depends on how many people are there on the trip), weight, material, and ease of setting up. To avail offers on the best-in-class tents, Dunham sports and Dicks Sporting Goods are your pitstops.

  • Water dispensers: -

The recommended value is 1 gallon per person just for drinking, but this can alter due to factors like temperature conditions but always carry extra for cooking, cleaning, etc. Also, be sure to bring along collapsible water containers to fill along the way or near the campsite.

  • Tarp: -

Order online or do a walk-in and find the perfect trap in terms of dimensions at Sportsman warehouse and Dunham Sports to keep all your camping gear safe in case it pours down or just as an extra shade to protect your skin from the sun.

  • Tool kit: - 

Instead of buying separate tools to aid you along your way, go for a camping toolset at Walmart, which consists of 12 different tools like a hatchet, flashlight, fire ignitor, paracord, and more. These tolls will prove to be of utmost value as they will save you massive amounts of time by chopping some wood to starting a fire.

  • Air pump and mattress: -

Even though the idea of sleeping under the stars sounds excellent, but one must not forget that the surface is hard plus full of rocks as not every camping site would have grass fields or soft soil as the base for our backs. In times like these, an air mattress with an air pump will come in handy. Available in nearly all the outdoor sports retailers across America, these products will guarantee you a peaceful sleep.

  • First Aid kit: -

Order online from CVS Pharmacy to receive the most trusted first aid kit, as it is typical for someone in the trekking group to get injured or bruised while on a trip into the wilderness. It would be best if you did not take a chance and travel without one as these things are not planned, and with hospitals and pharmacies being out of your current reach, these will be a life savior.

  • Bug spray and sunscreen: - 

Don’t make your neighbors ask you the question of ‘Are you really Jim (random name) mate? Because of all the suntan and bug bites, it does not look like so’, instead carry a lot of Bug spray and sunscreen to protect you from the unavoidable fate. You don’t want to spend too much well supermarkets like Target, Walgreens, and other retail chains are thereby providing great deals on these items.

  • Cooking Supplies: -

Ok, so now you have grounded your tent, have gathered enough water, and set up the sleeping area. But wait, are those hunger pangs, huh? 

Fortunately, you made a stop in stores like Dunham Sports, Costco, Walgreens, Target, Best Buy, and many more such outlets where the quality is high and the price is low. 

Add these essentials according to your needs into your cart and then onto your rucksack and be prepared by equipping yourself with camping stoves, stove fuel, extra lighters, reusable cutlery (follow the ‘leave no trace’ camping code), cast iron cookware, cool box, bin bags, seasonings, camping kettle and many more.

Now that you know about all the essential items that will add to the safety, comfort, provide energy, and help in other fun activities that will, in a nutshell, make sure that your camping trip goes without any difficulties and will make you forget the tension of your daily life. These items are available at the stores mentioned in this blog, from where you can acquire them and head on right into the deep trail of forest or just a fun family weekend outing.

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