How To Deal With Annoying Co-Passengers In The Flight?


Ela Lopez

Do you get petrified at the thought of sitting next to an irritating passenger, who is quite capable of turning your flight experience into a nightmare? Well, we know how to deal with annoying co-passengers in the flight. Read on to find out more!

Time To Make Your Flight Stress-Free!

Tolerance is the key

There’s no harm in tolerating your annoying co-passenger for a bit. Let some time pass and see how it goes. You never know you might just find a great company in him/her. And, just in case nothing really changes, move on to #2.

Say hello to your headphones

If you are not a music lover, act like one to save yourself from the situation. Just nod your head or tap your foot as if you are religiously listening to your playlist even if you are not! In other words, pretend as if you are all set to rock at the concert. This will definitely deter contact of any type. Tried and tested, you see!

It’s all about the seat

If you bump into someone who’s ready to sacrifice his/her seat for you, please make sure you grab the opportunity with both hands or else be prepared to tolerate your annoying “not-so-cool” seat-mate.

  • Seats are highly important because if you get an uncomfortable seat, you can’t just breathe.
  • Moreover, if you fail to get an adjusting seat-mate just because you either wish to use the washroom frequently or you aim to get up and walk a little, then you are gone!!!

Keep calm and count 1, 2, 3……

Counting works best, especially when your co-passenger is a child. Breathe in, breathe out, count till 10 and think of things that make you happy. And your problem is solved. Tada!

Do not try to interact with kids

Even if you love kids, at some point you would want to sleep, or relax, or just stay isolated. But if you become friends with kids, the hyperactive and super energetic children won’t leave you alone at all.

Do not irritate kids either

Do not even try to irritate the kids sitting next to you. If you do it once, they would not let you and others breathe a sigh of relief. So, the best way is to smile once or twice and keep a distance.

Sharing is caring, oops distracting, we mean

Offer a book/magazine to the person sitting next to you. A preoccupied person hardly gets any chance to annoy people around him/her.

‘But if the person keeps asking you for your views and keeps discussing with you certain pointers of the book or magazine, then you need to find an escape!’

Fall asleep

Falling asleep or pretending to do so is the simplest of all. This trick works well with all kinds of travellers–annoying, talkative, stupid or funny.

Ignorance is bliss

Your co-passenger may or may not take your ignorance in stride but will definitely get a hint that you don’t want to be bothered, strictly! It may sound rude but this may be your best recourse.

Ask for help

If you think nothing is working well for you, ask for assistance from the flight attendant . This may not be the best way to go about solving your problem, but then you really don’t have a choice.

Follow these simple steps on how to deal with annoying co-passengers and write to us about your next travel experience with a co-passenger.

Final Tips

  • Do not lose hope if you are stuck with an annoying passenger.
  • When nothing works, confrontation works.
  • Be direct but be humble. Clarify that you need space so you can no longer indulge in any conversation.

Accept the truth

Do not let the negativity overpower you. Even if you are helpless in making the other person convert from nasty to supportive, change yourself. Accept that everyone is different. Not everyone can understand others and people struggle with their bad habits and a particular nature.

Never assume or expect

Never fly with expectations. Take it as a surprise and do not expect that you would be flying with peace, with no disturbance, and with great health. You never know what you will be going through all of a sudden. So, it’s better to keep your expectations aside and be prepared for anything.

Before getting on a flight, greet people

You need to greet people when you get on a flight. With a single wish, you would get to know how the person would react throughout the journey. Then it would be easy for you to decide whether to maintain a distance from your co-passenger or change the seat.


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