Road to Glory- A comeback of the prodigious Harley Davidson

Revving the throttle until you feel the adrenaline rush in your veins, to going on the most awaited road trip without having to worry
about the duration of the journey, Harley Davidson is your one-time stop for all your sweetheart hog.

Revving the throttle until you feel the adrenaline rush in your veins, to going on the most awaited road trip without having to worry about the duration of the journey, Harley Davidson is your one-time stop for all your sweetheart hog.

With the onset of the third decade of the 21st century, the Milwaukee-based paramount motorcycle manufacturer, Harley Davidson, was rammed with a European Union import tariff deal of 56% starting June 1, 2021. This import tariff led to a massive decline in the overall competitive capacity of Harley in Europe. 

Against all odds, this chief disadvantage couldn’t rein the userbase of the tyrannous motorcycle giant for long.

It was not until February this year that Harley witnessed a pragmatic yet humongous jump of 36% in its market share and a 31% increment in its retail sales.

In fact, Harley urged their consumers to hit the road with their ‘Let’s Ride Challenge,’ where the consumers can get a fair chance to unlock their custom Harley Davidson motorcycle as the Grand Prize.

Eager to test your luck and capability? Enter the challenge by registering yourself at Let’s Ride Challenge.

With their extraordinary hogs and signature models, including the very famous Street Bob, Electra Glide Ultra Limited, Road Glide, Sportster iron 883, Street Glide, among many others, Harley is prominently known for providing the best on-road experience to their consumers through their latest technology.

But that doesn’t limit them just to motorcycles. They have their in-house store for travel essentials, jewelry lines, and specialty dealing in bike essentials.

Harley has made sure that it caters to the needs of all its consumers, albeit sportsters, touring enthusiasts, sustainable travelers, country goers, or custom three-wheelers. They have a specific product line for everyone.

Ever wondered why American consumers fancy Harleys over others? If not, take out some time and ponder over this for over a minute or so. Cause you never know if you would want to get your hands on one of the hogs, and it could be your next sweetheart after all.

Passionate riders worldwide have been eyeing for a long time to get the right opportunity to acquire a Harley for themselves. But not everyone knows that Harley

Davidson owners bonded through their passion for steering the hog throughout the world can gather to honor the renowned H.O.G.

But why are Harley bikes commonly known as hogs? Demystifying the brand slang is as crucial as understanding the traditional values of a Harley bike.

Ray Weishaar, a member of the initial Harley Racing Team, was the owner of a young pig. After emerging victorious in different racing competitions, the team decided to adopt the piglet as their team mascot, and thus Harley bikes grew to be known as hogs. Harley’s Motorcycle Riding Club, a one-of-a-kind community and significantly the world’s greatest, has also been named H.O.G.- Harley Owners Group.

The primary reason for choosing Harley over any other two-wheeler is that they are heavy-duty muscular vehicles build to last along with the provision of customizability. As modern generation motorcyclists, it is imperative to be a part of a motorcycle guild, moto clubs, or community like the ‘Iconic Americana’ to get a sense of belongingness. It helps build a harmonious moto community and go on rallies and connect with other hog owners.

The major add-on with a hog purchase at Harley Davidson is easy maintenance which implies that one need not visit the store to keep up with the motorcycle’s maintenance. In dire situations, one can resort to self-maintaining the bike.

Once you become a hog member, you can avail many exclusive Harley Davidson originals yourself. ‘The Enthusiast, Harley’s original lifestyle coverage partner for magazines

Harley bikes have made their place at the top in the two-wheeler automotive industry as one of the most potent and trustworthy engines for bike riders. Additionally, you can also satiate your H.O.G. love by visiting The Harley Davidson Museum, a tourist attraction point in Milwaukee, totally free of cost. However, it is never too late to become a part of the Davidson family and treat your eyes with their unrivaled collections and memorabilia throughout the 20th century.

Also, what brings Harley the majority amount of sales in the motorcycle market is its credibility and price bracket, which ranges from the most economical motorcycle being 2019 Harley Davidson Street 500 at a minimal cost of $6,899 to the most expensive motorbike being Easy Rider at $1.35 million.

While the entire world seems stuck in limbo during the pandemic, Harley Davidson is planning to reach the pinnacle in the motorcycle industry by launching H-D1 Marketplace, a new portal, exclusively for their U.S. bike-izens.

Harley’s prominence in the motorcycle market has opened a gateway to many options available to U.S.A. bikers and select the right choice for themselves. Purchasing a Harley has never been so easy!

First-time buyers or experienced riders can access the pre-owned (used) inventory, a life-changing choice to own a Harley for short rides and learning sessions. In addition to this, Harley has also commenced its certified pre-owned stores to reassure their target audience that the Harley purchased by them will be the right fit and in proper condition as it goes through an extensive 110-point inspection.

Also, if you are planning to move out of town or are willing to get a better Harley, the consumer can even sell their bike without worrying about your childhood love or another rider as Harley will make sure that it ends up in the right place. One can also take a test ride in Harley's D1 Market or offer a deal to the retailer before purchasing it for personal use.

Why wait now when you can get all these benefits immediately and become a part of the H.O.G. Log on to Harley Davidson and become a part of the motorbike world.

P.S.- Some offers are limited only to the United States of America. Feel free to boast your luck if you are one of the Americans.

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