Shop Smart with Walmart+, the Big Daddy of Savings and Discounts

In its latest attempt to overtake Amazon Prime, the leading American multinational company,
Walmart launched its new program, Walmart+, a subscription-based program for US citizens.

In its latest attempt to overtake Amazon Prime, the leading American multinational company, Walmart launched its new program, Walmart+, a subscription-based program for US citizens.

According to Walmart officials, Walmart+ was launched to help unite in-store and online benefits their customers, significantly saving big bucks and time, unlike any other retailer program.

Currently, Walmart has a massive reach of over 4,700+ stores, out of which about 2,700 stores are lightning-fast when it comes to offering same-day delivery.

The American conglomerate deals in a variety of products ranging from back-to-school supplies with a price as less as $1; back-to-school food products like beverages and yogurt, sandwiches, easy to make breakfast and healthy snacks; college and beyond shopping items like technological products, small daily need appliances, décor items, on-the-go snacks, quick and easy meals, beauty and personal care products, and organizational products along with their grill and chill products like chips, dips, condiments, marinades, meat and seafood, food storage items, charcoal and grilling tools.  

In addition to this, Walmart also caters to fruits and vegetables, eggs and dairy, bread and bakery, snacks and candy, easy family meals, pet products, baby care products, toys, office and electronic goods, garden tools, sports, and outdoor products, alcohol, organic edibles, frozen commodities, and pantry items.

Unlike Walmart's rival brand Amazon, Walmart+ membership opens the gate to an unlimited free delivery and free shipping from stores on shopping different items and farm-fresh groceries from along with discounts for purchasing medical prescriptions from in-house pharmacies and a price slash of 5 cents per gallon upon filling fuel or Gas from 2,000 Walmart and Murphy, both USA and Express, Fuel and Gas filling stations. Now Sam’s Club has also been added to this list.

Walmart's Chief Customer Officer has reassured its target consumers of its 59 years old legacy and commitment to help their customers save pretty pennies on purchasing premium quality goods from the American Multinational Retailer.

To lure more customers into purchasing a variety of items, a free 15-day trial. Post-trial, consumers can save both time and money by purchasing Walmart Exclusive membership at a price as little as $12.95 for a month and $98 for an entire year.

Even before Walmart launched its membership-based subscription program, Walmart followed an extremely consumer-centric approach. It assisted in increasing financial savings on purchasing from Walmart by releasing their weekly ads, which mentioned all the ongoing discounts, informing the consumers if a specific good that they were looking at one of their stores was available at a lower price online. Walmart assured its consumers that they are buying from the right place by matching identical products' prices from other retailers in the market.

Walmart made it easier for their consumer to get electronic appliances like televisions, laptops, and others by saving more by purchasing their refurbished version of the same. They also have a 'Great Value' collection, a Walmart exclusive that is traditionally available at a price lower than the competitors.

But are you aware of how much you can save by purchasing Walmart goods in terms of Time and Money? Well, you can save up to 1.5 hours every week in addition to the jumbo saving of $84 on fuel prices and $816 on groceries and home deliveries every year.

Keeping in mind consumers' primary concern in the wake of the pandemic, Walmart has also enabled Scan and Go to initiate cashless transactions that are swift, easy, and completely contactless. These perks are in addition to Walmart's current customer incentives, such as free roadside pickup, next-day, and two-day delivery.

A pioneer in providing the right products at correct prices, Walmart has expanded its horizons by introducing their all-new Walmart+, thereby providing the right shopping solution to their consumers at suitable timings.

Walmart+ has pitched itself into an alternative solution to those who want to save on Amazon Prime. While comparing the two staunch rivals, Walmart+ is a better option as it is comparatively more economical and comprehensive than Amazon Prime.

Ensuring unlimited same-day delivery for 160,000 food products, technological gadgets, and household necessities, by Walmart+'s economical annual subscription charge of $98 when compared to Prime's $119 premium, is what Walmart is banking on to entice Prime's 150 million+ members away from Amazon.

Walmart has a specifically designated webpage, where it lists down all the current and working coupons which the consumer can subsequently redeem at the nearest neighborhood Walmart store.

Also, the American MNC has its application- Walmart Mobile App, which is available for download on both Android and iOS smartphones. By using the app, you can reserve a time that is specifically suitable for you to avoid entering an overcrowded store and plan, share, and collaborate your shopping list with friends and family.

It is pretty evident by now that Walmart has put in all sweat and hard work to be the market leader that it is. By installing a savings catcher app, a Walmart shopper can compare the price with the competitor brings to the table. If Walmart prices are higher, the shopper will be entitled to a credit of the difference in monetary amount by the store in the form of Savings Catcher Rewards Dollars. This amount can later be redeemed by the consumer either as Walmart Gift Card or Walmart Buck$.

But the benefit pandora for your Walmart shopping spree doesn't end here. You can further escalate your savings when you apply for the Walmart Rewards Card, and you'll get the accessibility to a plethora of excellent benefits for your Walmart purchases, including a 5% cashback for the first 12 months when you use your card with Walmart Pay for in-store purchases.

Well, that sounds like an exciting plan to save money and time to stretch the value of your hard-earned dollars. We are thrilled to be your partner in helping you save even more money by purchasing through Stay tuned for more tips on easy-to-use hacks and ongoing discounts, and offers to shop smartly in the 21st century.

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